A Little About Us

Who We Are


Kid Centric Creations is a small family-owned California-based company.  It is our goal to offer products that make it quick and easy for families to spend time together while creating fun memories that will last a lifetime.


Our cookies and craft kits are designed to be high on the creative and convenience scale and low on the mess and waste scale! Because we are parents with busy schedules (just like yours), we realize that it can be difficult to find time to plan exciting and stimulating activities with our children.  We also have to consider the high cost of items included in just a small craft or baking project - and, of course, there's always the mess factor! These considerations can cause these wonderful family memory making activities to be pushed way, way down on our to-do list!


That's where KCC comes in!  All of our 50% Cookies & 50% Craft Kits come with everything needed (except 5 teaspoons of water for the cookie portion) to make warm home-baked cookies AND an original holiday or theme-based craft!  

Because our cookies do not need flour, eggs, butter, etc. so your kitchen stays clean.  And our hand-created original crafts come complete with everything included too -- so no mess and no waste! All of our kits are designed to be significant in size so your child can experience even more fun and pride in his or her accomplishment.  


Our hope is that our 50/50 Kits will bring a sense of wonder, excitement and fun family times into your home!



How We Came About  


Christmas Eve 2007 found our family with a house ready for Christmas Day festivities.  I was feeling proud of my accomplishment until my then 10-year old daughter, Amanda, pointed out that we had not made cookies for Santa.  One glance at my sparkling kitchen, and I knew that I was not turning Amanda loose in there with flour, eggs and butter!  So after swimming in mommy-guilt until my fingers were pruney, I went to the store and came home with the cut-and-bake variety of cookie.  


As my rather disappointed child looked at me, she said, "Mama, if you're this busy, Santa must REALLY be busy!  He doesn't have time to sit in everyone's house eating cookies.  I'm going to make him a 'to go' bag so he can take my cookies and eat them in his sleigh."


And she did!  She decorated a lunch bag with stickers and drawings, and she even wrote a few last minute wishes to the Jolly Old Elf!  Then Amanda put the cookies into the bag and tied it with a pretty ribbon.  When she was done, we put her 'to go' bag of cookies on one of our holiday placemats so Santa would be sure to see his cookies right away.


The image of Amanda decorating her 'to go' bag for Santa's cookies would not leave my mind.  I remembered how much fun she had and how proud she was of her handiwork, and I thought that other families might like the same experience.


So from my child's actions came the realization that I missed out on a great Christmas tradition in the making!  I decided to help other families make the memories by developing a complete line of seasonal and event-based kits where everything is included right in the kit.  


The work is done for you!  It's now easy, fun and economical for your family to make a lifetime of memories!  Enjoy! 


                   Pamela Thibert